Sfinks mixed (Boechout, Antwerp – Belgium) – day 1

For young and old, families with children and adventurous music lovers, Sfinks is an exploratory excursion into enriching cultures. It’s a hospitable festival, where beautiful music, good food and drinks, amazing tents and structures await to please you. Atmosphere, music, encounters in an open, multicultural environment. A happening on a human scale where tolerance rules.

We’ve been going to this festival for years and we love it. It’s a great place to discover unknown music and artists. But it’s not all about music. There are also side attractions likes theatre, acrobatic things. It’s a festival full of diversity.

The quality of the pics might not always be that great but it gives you at least an impression of the festival.

27 juli-2013 055
-Using recycled material and lights to create special atmospheres-

27 juli-2013 026

27 juli-2013 002

27 juli-2013 004

27 juli-2013 007
-Dom la Nena, Brasil-

27 juli-2013 008
-Terakaft, Mali-

27 juli-2013 009
-My niece, enjoying the music-

27 juli-2013 018
-Castellers de la Sagrada Familia-

27 juli-2013 034
-Amazing human towers-

27 juli-2013 046

27 juli-2013 048
-Gaby Amarantos, the diva of the Amazon, will bring her style of Latin dance music, which mixes Caribbean influences with Amazonian rhythms-


Young Belgian musicians: Jan Kerckhofs

Jan Kerckhofs

Music is very important in my life. I always want to discover new artists, learn about different music genres. But the most important thing is that music should touch me. And it does, quiet regularly.

In Belgium we have a lot of young unknown musicians and today I would like to introduce you to Jan Kerckhofs.


I got to know him as a friend of my son, they played basketball on the same team, his aunt had been my son’s teacher in primary school. I knew him as a cute, funny and sportive guy. Until one day my son showed me a video from Jan singing. And I was sold, immediately. He has a warm voice and a little bit of this “je ne sais quoi” in his voice that makes him special, stand out. Next to that he is also a great musician. He didn’t get any musical education, he doesn’t know how to read notes but he taught himself how to play the piano and guitar. As a left handed guy it’s not easy to play a right handed guitar. But ingenious as he was, he just turned the guitar upside down.


His first performance was at a wedding. Thanks to all the social media, the word was spread and bit by bit he was working his way up with performances in Switzerland, France, Poland and a fully booked agenda in the meantime. He admires Jason Mraz, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Johnny Cash,… During his performance he brings a mix of contemporary songs and golden oldies but he turns them upside down and makes them his own.


To me, what makes him a great musician is that he also has the talent to attract other good musicians, singers. He is not only focused on his own talent. But he has this incredible kindness to let others shine with him. He can be the front man on stage, step back and be the musician and second voice the next time.
That’s what I admire about him. He’s aware of his talent, but he stays humble.


If ever you have a party that needs an amazing artist or you just want to have quality entertainment for the evening, book this guy with or without his friends and you won’t be sorry.

Feel free to contact him, listen to him and spread the word.
Mail: kerckhofsjanmusic@gmail.com

Note: Jan gave me the permission to use his pics for this blog.

Music heals the soul

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul – Plato”

Music makes me happy,
Music makes me sad.

Music touches me and not only because it brings memories back. But sometimes music goes really deep. It evoques something which is hard to explain. You have to feel it. To me it feels as if it touches my heart and my soul. Maybe it’s because I’m such a sensitive person that I sense things more than others. But I am sure that there are a lot of people who get goose pimps or tears in their eyes with a certain song.

Music is a powerful thing. It sometimes catches you in a second and overwhelms you. Sometimes everything seems to be perfect for a performance. You are in the right place, there is this great atmosphere and when the music starts playing and building up, it feels like a big explosion of emotions. Whoever plays music will know what I mean. Playing music with others gives you one common goal: music and the desire to express and share this with your audience. You want to express to the listeners what this piece of music means to you. And if you do well, you might have touched one or more persons.

That’s the beauty of music. It accompanies us through life. Good or bad, there is always a sound for it. I couldn’t imagine my life without music. I wake up with music, I work while music plays in the background and I go to bed with music. And sometimes silence can also feels like music. It’s all a matter of perspective.

How does music influence your life? Feel free to share your thoughts.