Colorful ceiling decoration

Ghent, Belgium.

2013-nov-dec 003

2013-nov-dec 002


Mural art – Antwerp, Belgium

Every time I visit Antwerp, I discover new things. Whether it’s mural art, a hidden street, great addresses to eat…Antwerp is a city which changes constantly.

When I was younger I didn’t like Antwerp. But now that I’m older and a bit wiser, I’m really fond of this city.

So here is another series about mural art which I discovered in September 2013 while visiting Antwerp with my niece.

sept2013 018

sept2013 017
-Last week I also showed you these giant container billboards which I love. They really thought about the concept as Antwerp is know for the harbour and fashion with our well kown fashion academy.-

There is a little street, called Kopstraat (translation: Head street), completely covered with mural art.

sept2013 006
sept2013 002
sept2013 001
sept2013 004

-And a detail-
sept2013 003

sept2013 010
sept2013 012

sept2013 014