Rock strangers – Ostend, Belgium

sept2013-westende 139

“Arne Quinze is a Belgian conceptual artist best known for his unconventional and controversial public art installations. Quinze also creates large and small sculptures, drawings, and paintings.” – Wikipedia

“Arne Quinze developed a cluster of sculptures under the name Rock Strangers for the town of Ostend: strange objects that pop up at places where you would least expect to find them. They have a striking effect on the urban and architectural context of their surroundings. With his sculptures Quinze is criticizing the increasing trend to uniformity in the townscape. His Rock Strangers, however, contribute an assertive, colourful note to the grey, neutral environment.” –

This has been the 4th edition of Beaufort. And every year they come up with some stunning and amazing art works along the Belgian coast. I love it. And especially these big orange sculptures. They are huge and funny.

sept2013-westende 143

sept2013-westende 141

sept2013-westende 135

sept2013-westende 140

sept2013-westende 142

sept2013-westende 141

sept2013-westende 147

sept2013-westende 146

sept2013-westende 145

sept2013-westende 144


2 thoughts on “Rock strangers – Ostend, Belgium

  1. When we saw them a few weeks ago, my first impression was, “giant, crushed juice boxes”. I am not a big fan. The bright orange is a nice way to bring color to the constant grey Belgian landscape, though.

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