Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum – Raversijde, Oostende Belgium

“The Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum is a military museum near Oostende in Belgium which preserves fortifications of the Atlantic Wall dating to the First and Second World Wars. The section of fortifications owned by the museum – over 60 bunkers and two miles of trenches – is among the best preserved sections of the defensive line in Europe. The fortifications survive because they were built on land belonging to Prince Charles of Belgium who decided not to destroy them after liberation as a national monument.” – Wikipedia

Remains of our history…
I’m against every kind of War. But it was interesting to visit and to learn a bit more about our history. I did not put any weapons, machinery, bombs apart from the last pic on this post because I don’t feel comfortable posting them. Therefore you should check out the internet.

sept2013-westende 088

sept2013-westende 094

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