City hopping: Antwerp, Belgium

If you ever are visiting Belgium, you should definitely taste our chocolate. It tastes gorgeous, if I may say so myself.

The chocolate line is a new and adorable chocolate shop on the Meir, one of the busiest shopping streets in Antwerp. Just enter the shop and you can really smell the chocolate. If you are even more curious and want to know how the chocolate has been made, you surely should take a look in the factory kitchen behind windows. It’s interesting to see how they create the little chocolate animals and other goodies. They also have gigantic chocolate sculptures like the “Barpapapas” and the “Big head”.

They have a large selection of chocolate and great gift ideas to take home with you.

03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 043
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 046
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 047
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 044
-Barbapapa & Barbamama-
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 045
-the giant head with brains-


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