Hidden courtyards – Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp has a lot of hidden courtyards. Some of them are quite nice, interesting and hide bistro’s and restaurants. Some or not accessible to the public because people are living there.
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 005
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 006
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 009
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 011
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 015
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 012
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 01803aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 019
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 020
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 034
03aug2013-antwerpen_elsie 058


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