Sfinks mixed (Boechout, Antwerp – Belgium) – day 1

For young and old, families with children and adventurous music lovers, Sfinks is an exploratory excursion into enriching cultures. It’s a hospitable festival, where beautiful music, good food and drinks, amazing tents and structures await to please you. Atmosphere, music, encounters in an open, multicultural environment. A happening on a human scale where tolerance rules.

We’ve been going to this festival for years and we love it. It’s a great place to discover unknown music and artists. But it’s not all about music. There are also side attractions likes theatre, acrobatic things. It’s a festival full of diversity.

The quality of the pics might not always be that great but it gives you at least an impression of the festival.

27 juli-2013 055
-Using recycled material and lights to create special atmospheres-

27 juli-2013 026

27 juli-2013 002

27 juli-2013 004

27 juli-2013 007
-Dom la Nena, Brasil-

27 juli-2013 008
-Terakaft, Mali-

27 juli-2013 009
-My niece, enjoying the music-

27 juli-2013 018
-Castellers de la Sagrada Familia-

27 juli-2013 034
-Amazing human towers-

27 juli-2013 046

27 juli-2013 048
-Gaby Amarantos, the diva of the Amazon, will bring her style of Latin dance music, which mixes Caribbean influences with Amazonian rhythms-


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