Sfinks mixed (Boechout, Antwerp – Belgium) – day 1

For young and old, families with children and adventurous music lovers, Sfinks is an exploratory excursion into enriching cultures. It’s a hospitable festival, where beautiful music, good food and drinks, amazing tents and structures await to please you. Atmosphere, music, encounters in an open, multicultural environment. A happening on a human scale where tolerance rules.

We’ve been going to this festival for years and we love it. It’s a great place to discover unknown music and artists. But it’s not all about music. There are also side attractions likes theatre, acrobatic things. It’s a festival full of diversity.

The quality of the pics might not always be that great but it gives you at least an impression of the festival.

27 juli-2013 055
-Using recycled material and lights to create special atmospheres-

27 juli-2013 026

27 juli-2013 002

27 juli-2013 004

27 juli-2013 007
-Dom la Nena, Brasil-

27 juli-2013 008
-Terakaft, Mali-

27 juli-2013 009
-My niece, enjoying the music-

27 juli-2013 018
-Castellers de la Sagrada Familia-

27 juli-2013 034
-Amazing human towers-

27 juli-2013 046

27 juli-2013 048
-Gaby Amarantos, the diva of the Amazon, will bring her style of Latin dance music, which mixes Caribbean influences with Amazonian rhythms-


Being creative

When my little niece is coming over, she always asks me to make a necklace or bracelet, which we also did the other times. This time, while shopping in Breda, the Netherlands, I specially looked out for colorful, wooden beads. They look like candy. At the end I had one very happy little girl.


I need a break from all the hard work

Showing off the result with a sad face

With a happy face

Just happy

I’m blue

I needed an original title and this song of Eiffel 65 has been my ringtone for quiet some time in the past. I always found it a catchy tune and blue is my favorite color after all.

These flowers are in the front yard of the building next to us. As it is summer and everything is bright and colorful at the moment, I needed to capture these ones.





“Orange is a power color. It is one of the healing colors. It is said to increase the craving for food. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. It is the color of adventure and social communication. The color orange is optimistic and extroverted.”

I don’t know whether that’s all true. But I really like the orange color of the flowers.



Sweet sins


We all love to bake in our family. This is something that was tought to us by our mom. When we were bored during summer and we didn’t know what to do. Our mom gave us all the ingredients for a cake and everyone could choose his own filling. So we were busy for some time but in meantime we were also learning the initials of baking. This is how we all start to love baking. Thanks mom for this heritage. One of the many nice things you left behind…

PS: this chocolate mousse pie was maid by my second youngest sister for the B-day party last Saturday.