City hopping: Antwerp, Belgium

A'pen-april-2013 008
MAS – Museum Aan de Stroom – museum at the river.

Quote from a wall in the MAS-museum:

“Antwerp is a city on a river. It has a port. For centuries this has made it a place of meeting, encounter and exchange.

The MAS takes up the traces of these exchanges and with them it tells new stories. About the city, the river, the port. About the world in all its diversity. About the essential connection between Antwerp and the world.

Come and meet Antwerp in the world, come and meet the world in Antwerp.”

A'pen-april-2013 012A'pen-april-2013 011

Amazing panoramic views, 10 floors high. Antwerp viewed from a bird’s eye.
A'pen-april-2013 017A'pen-april-2013 025A'pen-april-2013 023A'pen-april-2013 024A'pen-april-2013 022A'pen-april-2013 030


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