City hopping: Westende, Nieuwpoort, Belgium

I love the Belgian coast to relax, to cycle and in the quite periods of the year. Not in the touristic season. Crowded beaches, lots of noises, that’s not my cup of tea. I like to have it quiet.

This is a souvenir from a week in May in 2011 with one of my sisters. We had a great time and we have cycled a lot.

2011-westende-mei 007
I love empty beaches.

2011-westende-mei 013
The smell of nature and ancient history.

2011-westende-mei 015
2011-westende-mei 018
Modern technology.

2011-westende-mei 016
Beware of the frog.

2011-westende-mei 027

2011-westende-mei 021
2011-westende-mei 028
Harbour of Nieuwpoort

2011-westende-mei 043
Waiting in Wulpen.

2011-westende-mei 047
A lovely road to ride with your bike. But please do not ask for a bit of wind.

2011-westende-mei 054
2011-westende-mei 053


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