City hopping: Cologne, Germany

Last August my sis and I went to Cologne for a weekend. We have German blood running through our vains and from time to time I feel the urge of going to a place where I am surrounded by German speaking people. Maybe it’s just my way of feeling a bit connected to my mam. My mam passed away 22 years ago of cancer. And I just have the feeling that all the important moments in my life I could not share them with her. And that hurts. I know my sisters all feel the same. And maybe that’s also one of the reasons why we all are so close because the one common person left us so early. I was very close with my mam and we often stayed up late at night to talk for hours and hours.

German is also my favourite language and I like to watch German series or listen to the German radio, next to all the other music I like. But that’s food for another blog. I am lucky I have one colleague who lives in Luxembourg so I can practise my German with him.

I’m not going to give you a virtual tour Cologne. It’s more like sharing impressions. I finally figured out that I don’t take the obvious pics of a city. It’s more like a collection of memories. When we see the pic, we immediately know how much fun we had by taking it, what the weather was like, why we were drinking or eating there. And that makes them great souvenirs for us.

So please enjoy.










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