Thanks to my good friend and colleague Eva, I was able to retrieve my post about elephants, which I deleted by accident. Such things do happen to me from time to time. So thank you very much!

I’ve always been fascinated by elephants. When I was staying at my grandparents and we were a bit to busy, my grandmother send us away with our grandfather for some shopping. As they lived in a city where no shop was close by, we always had to walk for at least half an hour.

Being kids, this was a long way for us to walk. So my grandfather started telling us stories about Mr. The Elephant. He was an elephant who did many interesting things, who had travelled around the world and had many big adventures to tell. I think my grandfather made up every story. In meantime we were distracted from the fact that we had walk for half an hour and eventually time was passing too quickly.

I think these stories were the beginning of my love for elephants. Ever since I was fan of the books with Babar. I have a little collection of different elephants who are very much liked by my little niece and nephew when they come to stay for the weekend. They know they can always choose which elephant(s) they want to sleep with.

So I was very happy that in 2008 the Elephant Parade was held in Antwerp. The Elephant Parade is the world’s largest open-air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that wants to attract the public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. The elephant statues were painted by different artists and were exposed to the public for some weeks. After that period they were auctioned off at prestigious galleries. You also could buy smaller hand painted limited editions of the elephant statues. Many Asian elephants have been saved and cured, but there are still a lot more that needs our support. And not only the Asian elephants also the African elephants are endangered.

There is more to discover about elephants and why they are an endangered
animal at: http://www.ifaw.org.



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