Spring – where are you?

I’m really looking forward to the spring, more precisely the sun. It’s been grey too long. And I do hope we get a great spring time in Belgium, because we tend to have a lot of rain too. But now and then a little ray of sunshine would do me good.

Even if I’m at work, I can enjoy the sun. Also in my current working space, we have a lot of light and my desk is next to the sliding doors of the terrace. So when the sun is shining and not blocking my computer screen, I love it. The warmth on my skin, the vitamins I receive, it’s such a nice feeling and I can really enjoy it. I sometimes feel like closing my eyes and get sucked away in the moment. But then I realize that I’m at work and I can’t let myself go like that. So I’ll focus back on my work. But at my new home I can really enjoy this feeling. Behind the sliding doors, because it is still to cold outside, I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. Everyone should enjoy these little moments from time to time. It’s good for the heart and the soul.







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