City hopping: Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is an exciting city with lots of nice views. I’m still discovering new things every time I visit the city. And along the way I would like to share them with you.

The museum MAS at the district “Eilandje” (translation: little island)

The Marina at the Eilandje.

The river “Schelde”. Young people like to hang out here in the Summer: the sun, the cold breeze, the water. It has something.


Our little princess

I love my little niece so much. She is just such a happy girl, nearly always in a good mood, full of singing and dancing.

I always wanted to have a daughter. I have a son of which I’m very proud. As a mom, I couldn’t wish for a better son. He’s always there for me. I think I did a good job raising him by myself. He knows what life is about and life hasn’t been easy for us. We have known dark periods and sometimes we still do but we know that together we can make it through everything.

I had a good relationship with my mom but we lost her way to early. Maybe that’s also the reason why I like my nieces a lot and try to spend time with them. To make right the things I miss so much in my life. Having a daughter of my own. My godchild always calls me her “second mom”. She tells me I’m the mom she turns to when she’s having a difficult moment or when she needs someone to talk to. We also both like music, art, museums, city hopping. And that allows us to have great moments too, which I cherish.

But this little one, also takes a special place in my heart. She makes me laugh a lot.

2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 013
2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 015
Yoh yoh yoh
The little hat she is wearing, is the bowl to feed the chickens and rabbits but somehow the children always want to put it on their heads.

2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 017
She always wants to do what her big brothers do, like riding this big go-cart.

2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 036

2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 150
And she definitely likes to stand in front of the camera.

2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 037
2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 087
2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 092
2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 091
She loves the animals.

2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 064
2012-zomer-augustus-hoevenen-keulen 183

Happy summer moments!

City hopping: Westende, Nieuwpoort, Belgium

I love the Belgian coast to relax, to cycle and in the quite periods of the year. Not in the touristic season. Crowded beaches, lots of noises, that’s not my cup of tea. I like to have it quiet.

This is a souvenir from a week in May in 2011 with one of my sisters. We had a great time and we have cycled a lot.

2011-westende-mei 007
I love empty beaches.

2011-westende-mei 013
The smell of nature and ancient history.

2011-westende-mei 015
2011-westende-mei 018
Modern technology.

2011-westende-mei 016
Beware of the frog.

2011-westende-mei 027

2011-westende-mei 021
2011-westende-mei 028
Harbour of Nieuwpoort

2011-westende-mei 043
Waiting in Wulpen.

2011-westende-mei 047
A lovely road to ride with your bike. But please do not ask for a bit of wind.

2011-westende-mei 054
2011-westende-mei 053

Young Belgian musicians: Jan Kerckhofs

Jan Kerckhofs

Music is very important in my life. I always want to discover new artists, learn about different music genres. But the most important thing is that music should touch me. And it does, quiet regularly.

In Belgium we have a lot of young unknown musicians and today I would like to introduce you to Jan Kerckhofs.


I got to know him as a friend of my son, they played basketball on the same team, his aunt had been my son’s teacher in primary school. I knew him as a cute, funny and sportive guy. Until one day my son showed me a video from Jan singing. And I was sold, immediately. He has a warm voice and a little bit of this “je ne sais quoi” in his voice that makes him special, stand out. Next to that he is also a great musician. He didn’t get any musical education, he doesn’t know how to read notes but he taught himself how to play the piano and guitar. As a left handed guy it’s not easy to play a right handed guitar. But ingenious as he was, he just turned the guitar upside down.


His first performance was at a wedding. Thanks to all the social media, the word was spread and bit by bit he was working his way up with performances in Switzerland, France, Poland and a fully booked agenda in the meantime. He admires Jason Mraz, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Johnny Cash,… During his performance he brings a mix of contemporary songs and golden oldies but he turns them upside down and makes them his own.


To me, what makes him a great musician is that he also has the talent to attract other good musicians, singers. He is not only focused on his own talent. But he has this incredible kindness to let others shine with him. He can be the front man on stage, step back and be the musician and second voice the next time.
That’s what I admire about him. He’s aware of his talent, but he stays humble.


If ever you have a party that needs an amazing artist or you just want to have quality entertainment for the evening, book this guy with or without his friends and you won’t be sorry.

Feel free to contact him, listen to him and spread the word.

Note: Jan gave me the permission to use his pics for this blog.

On my way to work

I go to work with my bike. Besides the health part, it also gives you the opportunity to observe and encounter a lot of things on the road. As spring started yesterday, I wanted to share some more green and not yet so green things.

2013-maart-21 001

This three was on my list for some weeks but I either didn’t have my camera with me, it was snowing or someone was sitting in it. So today was my lucky day.

2013-maart-21 002

In full size.

2013-maart-21 006

Between all these “bold” trees, there were some covered with leaves. It touched me. Some trees are outstanding, special, just like in real life.

2013-maart-21 008

2013-maart-21 009