I have to thank my parents for giving me so many sisters! I’ve got 4 of them. And I love them all very much. Having many sisters also means having a bunch of nephews and nieces. They are all different characters and that makes them an interesting subject. These are the kids of my youngest sister: 3 boys and our little princess.










Water art or nature deco?


I completely had forgotten that I took this pic last year. I do have something with art, nature… although not everybody will consider this art. I do not want to start the discussion about what art is or should be. That’s something personal and different for each of us.

“In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Water, sand to relax your mind

I love the Belgian coast when the summer has gone. Deserted beaches, only a few tourists, depending of course which part of the coast you are visiting. But I prefer the smaller towns where you can walk alone on the beach, enjoy the indian summer on a bench, listen to the sound of the sea. The sea has always been the place I go to, to relax, to clear my head. Breathing he fresh air, walking with your hair in the wind, looking at the sea…I love it.











I finally found my space.

Last year December I moved to my new apartment. And for the first time in my life I have the feeling that I’m home everytime I walk through the front door. It feels like I’m living on top of the world or amongst the clouds. I always have the feeling that the world looks different from up above. You look different at things. I see trains passing by and from a distance I watch plains fly in and out. It always brings me in a holiday mood. “Home is where the heart is” and I couldn’t agree more. Because that is how I feel at this moment. My apartment is very bright with lots of light. Everywhere I go, I can look outside into the wide and open space. And no I don’t have those spectacular views which you can find in magazines but to me they are pretty amazing. When I lay in my bed, I see the stars when it’s not cloudy. I see the night fall down on us and the lights that sparkle in the dark night. Who needs more?


Baby steps

Like everything in life, the first time is difficult. Filling a white page with letters that make somehow some sense. Riding a bike, learning how to read, to play the piano. It is all a matter of time and experience. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.